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Affordable SEO Price in Vancouver

We generally charge $650+ per month depending on the type of the SEO campaign. But for the first month there is a set up fee of $1000. This set up fee will cover all the deficiencies of your website and make it SEO friendly.

Why there is a set up fee

  • Research and Analysis: Before devising any SEO strategy, it is essential to thoroughly research and analyze your business, target audience, competitors, and current website status, which requires time and resources.
  • Keyword Research: Identifying the right keywords is crucial for SEO success. SEO companies invest time in researching keywords relevant to your business, products, or services.
  • Setup Tools and Software: We use various tools and software for keyword research, analytics, and tracking. The initial fee may include setting up and configuring these tools for your website.
  • Strategy Development: Crafting an effective SEO strategy tailored to your business takes time and expertise. The setup fee often reflects the cost of developing a customized strategy for your website.
  • Initial Audits and Reports: We typically conduct initial audits of your website's SEO health and provide baseline reports. These audits help identify areas for improvement and track progress over time.

Overall, the initial setup fee covers the groundwork required to kickstart your SEO campaign effectively. It's an investment in laying a solid foundation for long-term SEO success.

Free Quotation and Our Approach

Top SEO Vancouver is giving out a free quotation for SEO, which shall undoubtedly be good news to all SEO service seekers in Canada. Join with the most affordable SEO consultants to enjoy these huge benefits. With Top SEO Vancouver, you can now dominate your search engine ranking results.
Free SEO Quotation

Top SEO Vancouver is your ultimate partner for a positive web presence. We ensure you a secure place and prominent visibility in the online space. Our careful analysis of your current rankings and audiences would drive us towards a great SEO plan. In implementing it, we would identify the strengths and weaknesses of your pages, locate the keywords and find out the target users. Users are one thing; buyers are another. After investigating, our next goal is to convert your online users into actual customers. In doing so, we do not strive alone. We discuss matters with you, suggest possible solutions, listen to your preferences, and finally pull off a custom designed SEO plan that would completely twist your online presence into victory.

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SEO Analytics and Strategies
Analysis and Strategy

Before implementing SEO, a complete evaluation of facts is a necessity. We at Top SEO agency start things off by evaluating current results. Our SEO audits would channel through the different factors.

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Analytics and Keywords

One of the significant concerns about ranking is keyword density. The current not-so-impressive ranking of your website could be a result of lousy keyword usage. Top SEO Agency does comprehensive keyword research first, to figure out which keywords correlate to your website and how to involve in the keyword competition without degrading yourself.

Maintaining Clients Interaction
Accessibility and Indexing

Link structures, alt tags and HTML searches are some of the main types of content that search engine crawlers aim to find. Our crew excels in increasing visibility by fortifying content.

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Ranking Factors

Once we improve indexing by making your website visible, our primary focus falls on ranking factors such as HTML markup, quality content and proper keyword optimization. These major ranking factors would be pivotal in framing our SEO strategy.

Maintaining Clients Interaction
Competitive Analysis

Top SEO Vancouver is not just an SEO firm. We are a friend who competes against your competitors. We compare and contrast your content with the business competitors, to figure out what you are doing wrong. We utilize the comparative evaluation in increasing traffic to your website.

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Implementation Timeline

Success in SEO is not an overnight task. Nevertheless, Top SEO Vancouver can give you a guarantee, that to complete the SEO audit, evaluate the results and to draft the SEO plans; it takes an approximate of 2 days. The maximum turn around time to see positive results will be 3 months


At the completion of the SEO audit that evaluates your website and its current ranking, we would suggest the solutions. We would list out an array of recommendations, suggestions, methods and initiatives that would improve your online visibility and rank. Once we start implementing these initiatives, a visible change in your SEO traffic would be recorded, a move that would affect your rank in SERPs positively. We deliver the best so that you can reap the best.


Top SEO does not give unreasonable pricing fixatives as many SEO agencies do. As we believe, it all depends on your requirement. Our pricing terms would mainly depend upon your answers to these simple questions:
  • Is this a one-page website, or multiple? – Depending on the page number, SEO price rates with Top SEO differ significantly.
  • What type is your website? Is it an eCommerce website, or general portfolio website? – Ecommerce websites have add-ons like “add to cart” options, product pages and promotion pages – which would require more substantial work.
  • How many pages do you have on your website? – The more pages, the more expensive it would be. Never worry, because with Top SEO Vancouver; it is still very affordable.
  • How many target keywords do you have in mind? – The number of target keywords could usually range from 10 to 50. With the numeric increasing, the cost would also go up accordingly.
  • What is your target audience? – You might be thinking of local, national or international SEO. Either way, you would be targeting a set group of online users. Local SEO would require lesser work comparatively, whereas, in international SEO, the scope widens. With the expanding range, the expense inflates too.
The final price of our SEO services would be decided after studying these factors. The cost would be calculated for the initial three months, above online calculator will offer you the price for the initial three months of period. We do not rob your money, or your right of free choice, or your right of customization. Three months would be more than enough to see whether we mark progress. Thanks to both our fantastic crew and your great SEO enthusiasm, we do not disappoint you.