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SEO Link Building


It is impossible to point to one SEO strategy and say it is what helps the most in the process of getting a better rank in search engine optimization. There are several factors that mainly influence the fluctuation of rankings.

Off-page SEO techniques are mostly overlooked by SEO consultants, especially in Vancouver, where the competition between websites is very high. Proper agencies that practice SEO have a fluid plan to form their SEO marketing methods covering every valuable SEO strategy. Specifically speaking, SEO link building is one of the most important off-page SEO techniques.

The method of SEO link building often goes unnoticed; because most SEO companies focus their SEO services towards on page SEO campaigns only. It is with so much pride that we say we are Vancouver SEO consultants who pay viable attention to link building strategies, because even with the Hummingbird algorithm update that came – SEO link building still remains a major plus point. Using link building to upgrade your website should be taken up by a responsible SEO expert, because stacking up useless links in your website harms you more than good.

Link Building With Top SEO Vancouver


If there is anything an agency that provides SEO should know about link building, it is that the success of link building campaigns never depends on quantity. The most common myth about link building is that the more backlinks you get, the higher your website would go in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).


It is actually futile to create 100 backlinks from websites that are of low quality and popularity. A much better SEO link building approach would be to create 50 links; all from quality websites. Top SEO Vancouver only aims for the best links in the existing competition, so that the time, money, and energy spent on gaining weak backlinks would be saved.

It is great to have a lot of links that are of the best quality. This is the ultimate goal of the link building campaigns implemented by Top SEO Vancouver, and the utilization of legal white hat link building strategies is our way of doing it.

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Mechanism Of SEO Link Building


Google has its own set of rules and accepted standards when it comes to SEO link building. The key factors about Google’s metrics that we have understood as a Vancouver SEO consultant are: original quality content, long-tail keywords, and last but not least – a reliable index of backlinks. What Google expects your links to be, are trustworthy, genuine, and authorized. If your website gets linked back to from an expert website, you are more likely to gain better attention. The most relevant links come from the websites that belong to the same subject category as you are. Therefore SEO link building should only be done to protect sensible interconnection between industries.

Relevancy Of The SEO Links

Top SEO Vancouver identifies links that promote the same services and products as you do, and create backlinks to enhance connectivity. The relevance of anchor text is also a major feature of a quality backlink. Our link building campaigns pivot around websites that are well known to drive traffic inside; because receiving back support from such websites makes more sense.

Therefore, as talented Vancouver SEO experts, we have a coherent plan in choosing the best links out of the several available for grabs. Relevance, originality, authority, and popularity are the four main features we look for in a backlink when we initiate our SEO link building strategies.

SEO Link Generation


As a Vancouver SEO consultant that knows how to make maximum use of the talented link building crew, it has. You might probably be wondering why an SEO consultant is needed to build a few backlinks that you can possibly try and make on your own. SEO link building, to be honest, is like a sharp knife. You would either slice up the bread nicely or end up slicing your finger.

Process Of Link Building

Our process of SEO link building involves a lot of practice, expertise, and patience. It would probably take days to complete requesting links from websites, and most of them would end up rejecting the offers. The link building campaign should be in unison with the other SEO strategies at all times. This is when the necessity of a quality Vancouver SEO service like Top SEO emerges.

Top SEO Vancouver has an amazing list of SEO link building strategies. As the best SEO link building practices, we would do a lot of things that would come handy in placing your website higher in SERPs. Top SEO Vancouver has a proven list of methods that would help your website to come upon a top position in Google.

SEO Link Building
Link Building Techniques


  • Write good guest blogs
  • Find appropriate links
  • Simply ask for backlinks
  • Start a blog, but a perfect one!
  • Offer testimonials and get backlinks as rewards
  • Build good relationships with website owners
  • Try to request links from friends, family, and business partners
  • Always be alert about your competitors and their backlinks


Top SEO Vancouver is versatile; that is what we are best at. We understand that not every link building service requirement is the same. Some agencies that offer SEO expect you to stick to a solid plan while at Top SEO Vancouver, we have more fluid options.

Customizable link building packages are more profitable, take up less time, and serve your personal interest in a way solid SEO link building strategies fail to do. All you have to do is call us, and we would suggest the best link building strategies that might work for you.




Link building is not a quantitative process; it is instead qualitative. What matters more than anything in your link building strategies is the quality of links. It is not a secret that Google releases algorithm update from time to time, and you need a professional SEO consultant who would know how to locate the importance of link building in the current arena of SEO ranking factors.

SEO link building has never once been penalized by Google yet because they seem to believe that proper referencing can lead to better rankings. As a reliable SEO consultant, we understand the importance of placing link building SEO along with other SEO ranking strategies – because none can exist without the presence of the other.

Link building is especially connected with quality content, so you need a SEO expert who knows how to do both. With a quality link building package of ours, you can put all these theories into practice and witness how big an impact they create on your website's popularity.

Link Building For Search Engine Optimization


When you hire a SEO consultant whom does SEO link building, always keep in mind that the primary focus should be on providing great user experience. Google prioritizes the users too, and if you do the same – you are more likely to be given the best links from the most renowned websites.

While doing this, an excellent link building package should pay attention to page speed, responsiveness, design, simplicity, and easy navigation. Link building proves to be one of the major ranking factors Google and other search engines have introduced during the past years.

Build quality links for a better reputation because weak links are more likely to harm your website. Call Top SEO Vancouver today for a great SEO link building professional, armed with a great link building package, ready to give you the greatest link building experience you can have inside Vancouver.